Wednesday, April 11, 2012

A Fortnight To Go

I have only have about 2 more weeks left here in Salt Lake before I move home to Madera once again. I'm getting anxious & nervous for what the future holds for me. I've had to humble myself & finally allow my dad to come up & drive home with me. I decided this after my sister & I went up to her future in laws house for Easter up in Roy, UT which is 1 hr north of here. I drove home by myself Sunday night, for just one hour & would freak out when cars would get too close to me. I'm a 'new' driver, I've only been driving for 4 years, i was 'older' when i received my license, i was 23 y/o right before I left for my mission. I learned how to drive on my mission....learned how to conquer the freeway (that was a huge accomplishment for me) Plus it doesn't help that I get nervous when I'm on roads that I've never been on before, because I don't know the area or the flow of traffic. So imagine me trying to drive home for 14 hours like that, yeah I will probably relax after a couple of hours but knowing that there are stupid drivers out there & i have a really old car, i don't have the confidence to go on it alone. Call me a wimp or smart for making this decision but at least my dad will love the time we have together driving home.

Anyways, the apartment is finally getting boxed up, my room is pretty much done. I'm sorta freaking out because i'm not sure if all my things will fit in my car. I think it will do all the way up to the roof of my car, good thing i have 'blind spot' mirror on my exterior mirrors. I have thought about renting a hitch from uhaul but they go from $100+, which is a little steep for me. The only other rooms that need to be boxed up are the kitchen which will be done next week, also my sisters room & the bathroom. We're going to be busy next week moving everything into Christina & Jason's townhouse & me going to work for the last time until I get my massage license in CA. whew. I'm not too worried about cleaning the apartment because luckily we have hardwood floors & they just need to be swept & mopped. I already cleaned the oven a month ago, the refrigerator gets cleaned out (at least monthly) i haven't done it yet this month. I will let Christina clean the bathroom ;)

okey dokey. that is all for today. so excited to go to Phoenix this weekend. yay for sun!

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