Thursday, November 25, 2010


So this has been my 4th year not being home for Thanksgiving, in 2007 i served a mini-mission, from 2008-2009 I was serving a full-time mission in Phoenix, Arizona, then this year (no mission :P) i'm attending school here in Salt Lake & there was NO WAY that i was going to get thanksgiving off. But i do have Christmas off!! In less than a month i'll be home! weee!

I was finally able to watch "Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade!" on TV! I love it! My sister thinks its boring, but i love the marching bands, the musical numbers, floats, etc. I sit on the coach & veg out aka be lazy. Janet made us breakfast & our early thanksgiving dinner. For breakfast she made what her family usually eats on Thanksgiving, Chocolate Gravy with Biscuits. Sounds weird, i know. But it was actually pretty tasty, its kinda like chocolate pancakes, this skeptic was converted.

I continued just watching random movies & coloring while Janet continued cooking by making a small turkey, green bean casserole, home made mashed potatoes, stove-top stuffing, everything else came already made like cranberry sauce with the can indentation & hawaiian rolls.

We then watched "the princess & the frog" on netflix, trying to stay awake from all the Tryptophan from the turkey. And finally ended the night with watching "BURLESQUE" at THE GATEWAY mall, which was AMAZING. Good day. Well that is all for now.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Model Photos

So i was recently invited to be a model for one of mission companions homework assignments, which we did last weekend. I decided to pick a color that would "POP" with my skin tone, and with the colors outside. My apartment building is red brick & we still had yellow leaves on the ground that had fallen from the trees. Just yesterday they've started racking up the leaves, so its a good thing that we did the photo shoot last weekend. 
Here are the photos: what do you think? 
She took many more, but these are the one's that she's posted so far.
This was me being silly, (the photo above) but the shot came out pretty fantastic. Its one my favs.

Love the foliage!

This is an old cathedral that is across from my school. The bells still charm on the hour & every half hour.

I LOVE FALL!!!. It was a bit chilly this day, so i was able to wear my favorite scarf that i crocheted.

Sunday, November 7, 2010


I've been wanting to do this for a while, i love reading other people's blogs about their lives & wondered if they would be as interested to hear about mine? lol! I currently do have a facebook, but they don't have a cool blog section like this. My life is currently....well pretty darn good. I'm working at Target. I have some pretty awesome managers who challenge me at work by trying to put clothes away faster that way there's more time to do projects or just to make the fitting room & the store look cleaner. That way our Target guests see that our new store is fast, fun & friendly.

School is RAD! amazing! wonderful! Now that I'm starting to understand anatomy a little more & its actually sticking in my brain, i love it! yeah, i still miss my old anatomy teacher (tory) but its okay. It gives me a challenge to learn things on my own & to study in a new way. My massage classes are great. Some days i really don't want to get "nakey" & get massaged. You probably think i'm crazy for saying that because everyone loves a massage. But some days the person that I'm partnered up with bueno. lol!

I'm so excited for Christmas!! At Target we've already put up Christmas trees & we have a the music kiosk that plays Christmas music & I love it!! It reminds me of the last 2 Christmases i spent in Phoenix & all the spiritual, fun, crazy times that I had with my wonderful companions, investigators & members. I terribly miss the heat, especially right now when its cold in Salt Lake (talk about extremes) lol!

It also reminds me of home, growing up in a little mobile home with my family. Trying to stay warm in that tin box, seeing the windows fog over from all the body heat inside & feeling drafts of cold come through the windows. Smelling Canela (cinnamon sticks) being boiled on the stove & the clanking noise of my dad doing who-knows-what outside or inside our house. He was always trying to do something to our house. lol!

I'm going home for Christmas & am so EXCITED!!! I got approval from my manager. There will be so many new things when I go home. My oldest sister has braces & i can't wait to see her with those on, also her 'salsa red' vw.  I'm getting a car for Christmas too!! its a 'old' new car to me!! yeah!! And I'm getting a first NEW nephew in my family!!!! I'm so excited!! Little Victor Lawrence will be here, in his earthly home. I've already started buying him clothes & saving up lots of love for him. He's a son of my Heavenly Father. This is what I know, testified & preached about for 18 months & i can't be hypocritical & be mad @ his parents for their choices. If so, I'd be like other people & their views/beliefs of Adam & Eve. I love my brother & his wife. I know that we all make decisions that affect the rest of our lives & will have eternal consequences. I'm also excited to see another boy...*cough* his name will not be disclosed :P hehe.

That is all for now. Hasta luego.