Thursday, December 8, 2011

D.I. Savings

I'm sometimes lucky to get off of work early from Target & today was one of those days! WOO! for getting off at noon :D Well for a while now....a couple of months i've been wanting to donate some things & this morning i finally put it in my trunk & made my way to the D.I. to drop it off.....but i had to go inside & see what they had. I sorta had planned this already to try & find a new pair of jeans just because i'm down to only 3 other one's are too big. :D :D And i did find a great pair of jeans, they're a dark indigo color (my fav!) from Bisou Bisou. I looked up the name online because i knew that this company was kinda fancy schmancy & i was right. These pants are sold at J.C. Penney's for around $25-$30 buck & i got them for a great deal for only $8. mwahahaha!! The great part is that they still look new.

Another great deal that i found was a really cute blue & brown skirt from the Dress Barn (with the original tag still on it) for only $5 bucks. I looked online to see how much this skirt would originally retail for & its between $15-$25. This skirt still has the belt attached to it as well. What a great find!.

I also purchased a new used purse (finally!) its from Liz & Co also from J.C. Penney's, this one has been used & will get a good scrubbing before i use it. Ew! other people's dead epithelial cells & grossness. bleh. I chose this one because i've been wanting a new purse, especially one with lots of pockets, i like to be organized if it can make my life easier & i've just been using a huge bag that i've been throwing stuff in which causes me to be lazy & frustrated because everything is just mish-mashed in it. I would of liked an over the shoulder strap with this bag, but it fits snugly over my shoulders & under my arm. Also i've been wanting a more grown purse seeing that i'm now... *gulp* 26.

Some other stuff that i bought was a new cat carrier because my mom is giving me her little kitty when i go home for christmas & i know Guido won't like sharing his carrier with the little kitty, that was only $3.

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Your-Not-So-Typical-Christmas-List: Pimp My Car

As i get older, my wants & needs are different.....especially for christmas. It use to be: i want this doll, or that movie or CD or that really cool $500 ipod. But not anymore, i guess because that $500 ipod i got from my brother in 2005 is still working & i'm happy with it still. But this year, i want/need things that will help, improve, make my life a bit easier. Most of it, believe it or not i want for my car :D

This is the dangers of browsing on, you find random things that you didn't know you needed. I would love this its a vehicle starter, oh how my life would be easier if i could remotely start my car & get warmed up before i get in, especially here in utah where its freezing cold some mornings.

Or even new & stylish car seat covers, nothing dorky, sporty, girly or gaudy. I wish i could customize it with my own design instead of having the choice or hello kitty, sports logos, weird bright designs, or i'll just stick with black or a grey color. ah! i just found a legit "phoenix" seat covers! i <3 the black phoenix on grey on black one.

Oh yeah, i almost forgot these for my wish list, a new car stereo that i can hook up my ipod to & new speaker because as of right now, i only have front speakers & only the left side works......again these are wants.....not needs. 

But if all i got was a nice car washing kit, i would be happy. i know that Target sells some for $15-$20 (hint hint)

I'm just happy that i'm going home for christmas, the days seem to slow down now that we've entered in to December & will probably zoom by really fast once i do go home.