Thursday, September 13, 2012


I mean the workout not that I'm going insane or anything. Well maybe just a bit because I am doing the "Insanity" Workouts. I actually started it about a month ago but last week I took a break....bad idea because when I started it up again yesterday I stopped a couple of times which I wasn't doing by week 3. I was doing so so good, then I got lazy. NO bueno. But me knowing me so well, I decided that I will actually finish this program. I hate starting things & not finishing them. Plus, this is my health & body that I hope to be more healthy, strong, powerful, lean, and beautiful. Today was day #3, it kicked my butt but I only stopped a couple of times to catch my breath or because I knew that I couldn't do certain moves. But I am proud of myself because I can finally do at least 10 push-up that are not 'girl' push-ups on my knees. yay! :D I want to get rid of my flappy underarms & gut. I do love myself, I love my legs, thighs & glutes because they are the strongest part of my body.

I actually don't mind being a 'bigger' girl but I know that I would rather prefer being a 'curvy' beautiful woman instead. If the worst part about me was that I am fat to people then they have issues. I am more than my weight. I know this. I know that they number on the scale or my pant size shouldn't matter, I know that my Heavenly Father wants me to be happy & content with myself. For the most part I am, but I know that I can do better with my body & health.

Height: 5' 6.5"
Weight: 192
Shirt Size: L
Pant Size: 14 (usually ranges 12-16 depending on brand)

From the last couple of weeks that I had been doing the exercising I haven't seen extreme weight loss but more toning & firming of my legs & glutes. Less cellulite. yay! I know that muscle weights more than fat but fat takes forever to burn off, at least on me. I have a great little support system of David & Megan who tell me to keep going even when I want to give up & not exercise. But after going a week of not exercising I have seen the positive things that exercising has done for me, I knew that I had to get to exercising. I use to have low back issues that would hinder me from giving great massages, but now I feel that I have more stamina & less low back issues. I know that a great massage would help a lot more, especially an elbow to my glutes but I have seen less pain & more flexibility in my pelvis & back. Amazingly exercising has given me more energy, who would've thunk it? haha. I have noticed that I do need to eat more since I am burning more calories, but I need to eat more good foods & not junk aka not salty fatty foods especially when I'm at work because I get sluggish & lethargic. More salads, hearty, good calorie packed foods.

Anyways, I will update again on my weight loss journey soon.