Thursday, September 13, 2012


I mean the workout not that I'm going insane or anything. Well maybe just a bit because I am doing the "Insanity" Workouts. I actually started it about a month ago but last week I took a break....bad idea because when I started it up again yesterday I stopped a couple of times which I wasn't doing by week 3. I was doing so so good, then I got lazy. NO bueno. But me knowing me so well, I decided that I will actually finish this program. I hate starting things & not finishing them. Plus, this is my health & body that I hope to be more healthy, strong, powerful, lean, and beautiful. Today was day #3, it kicked my butt but I only stopped a couple of times to catch my breath or because I knew that I couldn't do certain moves. But I am proud of myself because I can finally do at least 10 push-up that are not 'girl' push-ups on my knees. yay! :D I want to get rid of my flappy underarms & gut. I do love myself, I love my legs, thighs & glutes because they are the strongest part of my body.

I actually don't mind being a 'bigger' girl but I know that I would rather prefer being a 'curvy' beautiful woman instead. If the worst part about me was that I am fat to people then they have issues. I am more than my weight. I know this. I know that they number on the scale or my pant size shouldn't matter, I know that my Heavenly Father wants me to be happy & content with myself. For the most part I am, but I know that I can do better with my body & health.

Height: 5' 6.5"
Weight: 192
Shirt Size: L
Pant Size: 14 (usually ranges 12-16 depending on brand)

From the last couple of weeks that I had been doing the exercising I haven't seen extreme weight loss but more toning & firming of my legs & glutes. Less cellulite. yay! I know that muscle weights more than fat but fat takes forever to burn off, at least on me. I have a great little support system of David & Megan who tell me to keep going even when I want to give up & not exercise. But after going a week of not exercising I have seen the positive things that exercising has done for me, I knew that I had to get to exercising. I use to have low back issues that would hinder me from giving great massages, but now I feel that I have more stamina & less low back issues. I know that a great massage would help a lot more, especially an elbow to my glutes but I have seen less pain & more flexibility in my pelvis & back. Amazingly exercising has given me more energy, who would've thunk it? haha. I have noticed that I do need to eat more since I am burning more calories, but I need to eat more good foods & not junk aka not salty fatty foods especially when I'm at work because I get sluggish & lethargic. More salads, hearty, good calorie packed foods.

Anyways, I will update again on my weight loss journey soon. 


  1. Good job girl!!!! I am so happy that you have noticed the difference when you exercise and when you don't because that is the best motivator!! I'm cheering for you, not because you aren't pretty now (let be honest you hair and makeup have always look 10x better than mine) but because having less body fat, and having cardiac endurance etc, is the best preventative medicine there is! I want to see some before and after pics

  2. good for you girl! Just's not about the number on the scale! Go off of how you feel, how your clothes fit, and find a way to get your body fat %...that's the most important number you want to see decrease!