Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Last Month of the Year...Lots of Changes

Its been a while, I know. I'm still doing Insanity & am yet to insane. Actually I did a week ago, I had my breaking point with the workout to where I started crying & didn't want to do it anymore. Anyways, I've been living in Fresno with some really good friends as room mates since August & now it seems like my time has ended here. It was bound to happen eventually. I had been offered to rent a room in Clovis for $450+ but I would not be in my ward boundaries & a bit far from my dear old Madera. I guess I'm just so use to being close to my family being right off freeway 41, that it was such a convenience of the freeway.

Anyways, I turned that one room down. My oldest sister Amalia has offered to let me stay with her, but I told her that that would be a last resort if things go sour when I move back home with my mom. Which I'm still debating whether I want to live with my mom or dad. I really just want to live in Fresno within my ward boundaries with room mates. *sigh* I guess things are really starting to 'sink in' the more I write about this. Its really difficult to move back in with parents after being 'independent,' I'm going to try & convince some friends to rent an apartment with me. Right now I am asking people if they know anyone LDS who is willing to rent a room to me within my ward boundaries.

Pray for me as I am praying for myself to find a good place.

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  1. You might try asking your bishop. He would know of others looking for roommates too. Good luck. Moving back home after being independent is nearly impossible... but switching wards might not be a bad thing (although it's never fun)