Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Car Love

After getting my car fixed on Monday & shelling out $280 (original estimated price was close to $400, but the guy who helped me was almost a massage therapist & i happened to be wearing my Massage Envy work shirt because i was going to go to work after wards, he didn't charge me for the air filter even though he told me that i needed to buy a new one, so i did today but now i can return it & get my $20 back) it gives me a new appreciation for mechanics but more importantly HOW to take care of my car. Frankly i don't know much of the basics of taking care of a car, i think i've written about that before. When i go home i'm definitely going to have my dad teach me about my car, its parts & how to change the oil because I have great satisfaction in accomplishing things on my own.

I decided to look up how much my car is actually worth right now, according to Kelly Blue Book its from $1,400-$770. AW :( I received the car for free from my dad as a Christmas gift 2 years ago after my sister & her husband had it for about 5 yrs & was used as a security car for a while, so i think that's where the majority of the miles came from. Its currently at 206,750 miles.Its a 1997 Toyota Corolla, so its going on 15 years, it has a couple of dents & scratches but it runs beautifully now that I've gotten it fixed. It wasn't anything major, just a radiator service, fuel filter replacement, transmission service, oil flush, coolant exchange & tire rotation. whew! I know that i could of done the tire rotation myself but i don't have the jack to raise my car & do it. Although i should really check the trunk of my car just in case because i would like to be prepared.

But now i'm super organized with my car paper work, which i'm glad about because my glove compartment was a mess & i wouldn't of known where my registration, title or anything important was.

I decided that I'd rather be organized than be OCD because then i know where stuff is & i don't care if its in complete order but just organized.