Monday, July 11, 2011


No not the movie, but in general. I just went to jiffy lube to get my oil changed & it cost me $50 bucks! I did have a $12 off coupon that helped the sting of the original price being $62 but it seriously took the guys like 10 min to get the car back to me & now my baby feels a lot better, it drives SO much better!! They had awesome customer service, they did vacuum out my nasty car & cleaned my windows.....but when it comes to cars....i don't have a clue about it. I just know how to put the key in & start the car, put gas in it, add more power steering fluid, windshield fluid, antifreeze & oil, change the brakes, change a tire, & replace my headlights. I think i either need to make friends with a person (preferably a guy *wink wink*) to help me with the basics of my car or try to learn it on my own....which I'm thinking might end up being the second option. lol!

love cars, but they're more complicated than women. Funny story really quick, at jiffy lube when the guy was getting my info there were 2 other women with my name listed on their computer & the guy asked me if i had a mustang. lol! heck no! my car is just a 97' toyota corolla little ghetto car that i love!