Monday, May 9, 2011

He DOES Hear My Prayers

This last week i've gotten a greater testimony that my Heavenly Father does hear my prayers.....even if they are little. Like the small one that i asked about helping me have more motivation to be more spiritual like i was on the mission...DONE!! well progressing to get here aka my bishop, stake president & various members of my ward have come over to invite me to go to church when i wasn't. I've been reading my scriptures more & praying twice, it really helps that i have friends like Kacey & Steven on their missions because i can write them & remind myself about my mission & how special & spiritual those times were to me.

Second, my health. Yeah, i've lost about 30 pounds, but i've been in a plateau of being the same weight for about 3 months now. I was even telling my mom the other day that i needed motivation to go running outside around my neighborhood because i like to run....but myself i'm a bit iffy about that. Even though my neighborhood is pretty safe...but you never know. Well a girl in my ward answered my prayer by inviting me to go walking/running with her. Me & Rosalie are gonna do it 3 times a week, so far, today was our first day. I bought new tennis shoes....gah! ouch! my pinky toes HURT! But its okay, it was a great run/walk, we did a variety of flat & hills. Our route even took us through the cemetery that prophets are buried in. President Hinckley & McKay. I took photos & here they are. What a great day!! Now i'm just resting a bit before i shower, study & go to class tonight.