Sunday, October 30, 2011

Halloween - Gaga Style

So this year for halloween i wanted to go a bit extreme especially because i wasn't going to attend a church halloween party & they kinda forbid masks or scary looking face makeup. Mine wasn't that scary, but i guess it was creepy. i loved it. 

I was a Lady Gaga character from her "Born This Way" Video when she dresses up as a skeleton in a tux & dances around another skeleton tuxedo dressed guy. My costume was easy to put together, i bought the suit coat, white shirt & black pants from the D.I. for under $15 bucks, i decided on pieces of clothing that i knew i would wear again. The bow tie I crochet from a crocheting tutorial i saw online. The long black & pink wig i bought from Walgreens.

My makeup i did myself, I watched lots of tutorials on youtube so i sorta knew what i was doing. My sister practiced on me the night before so we knew that black eyeliner pencil was too light on top of the ivory makeup that i bought. 

I first primed my whole face with a face primer (saves my skin from future acne breakouts from the liquid foundation, which i don't usually wear) then i just used the ivory liquid makeup to make my skin look extra pale & put it on my cheeks, chin, forehead. On my eyes i used my $3 ELF liquid black eyeliner & lined my eyebrows & around the hollows of my eyes & colored that all in. Next i did my nose & colored that all black & kept a little triangle on the top of my nose to make it look like a bone. 

My mouth was next, i just did a straight line from the corner of my lips following the indentation of my teeth through my cheeks. I also followed my teeth for the fake teeth on top of my lips & made them look rounded & real that way i didn't look like a ragdoll. Gray & black eyeshadow was used for all the shadowing under my eyes & above my fake teeth, chin & forehead. I just scrunched my forehead for the 'angry' lines on my forehead. More gray & black eyeshadow was used on the hairline to blend it all together to my face. My chin & neck i used black eyeliner & eyeshadow that i just free handed from the photos. It took me about an hour to get this all done. The wig was the hardest part to get on because i was attaching it to my own ponytail. It was making my head heavy with the extra weight. 

I think it was a successful Halloween costume because i received A LOT of compliments, scared faces & some of my friends didn't recognize me.