Saturday, April 9, 2011

When Will My Life Begin?

As I’m sitting here I sorta want to rip my wrist from off my arm because it hurts so much from the massages that I’ve done today. But that would make me a less effective massage therapist, so it’s the ice-pack therapy for me again & for my back. It seemed that everyone I got today wanted really deep pressure, which takes a HUGE toll on my wrists & arms, plus I was being a bit sloppy with my body posture when I was giving my massages today which totally explains my back pain. I totally need a massage now, I've been denying myself this fact...but i totally need one. Yes, even massage therapist need a good arms need some lovin' & my back....oh, my whole body needs some lovin'....massage lovin'. And giving myself a massage doesn't feel as good just because i end up looking like a really bad contortionist & feeling half relieved & half messed up still.

As for the title of this post, I'm listening to the "Tangled" soundtrack & makes me think of this question: When will my life begin? Will it be after i graduate from school? When i get married? Is it suppose to be right now? well, yeah, sorta....I already decided that my life wouldn't be stuck living in my hometown where there isn't anything for me, for others that might be their thing. Mediocrity. But I wanted something for myself, to do something that I love because you always hear people say "Do what you love" Well right now, post-5 massages....I'm not loving this. But I gotta take this pain, soreness, tiredness, sadness, etc. right now to enjoy the good parts later. On a positive note: I know that in a year I won't be in SLC, but working on a cruise ship in the Mexican Riviera, Mediterranean, or somewhere outside of the USA.
I want to finally get my passport stamped & do what I love to do. I've massaged 35 people so far in the my clinical internship & by the time i graduate  in August I would of massaged over 115 people not counting the other people who I've massaged so far (family & friends). Just my clinical internship give me a 1 year experience heads-up compared to people who didn't attend my school. :) So its a good thing, i just need to remind myself of that.

So moral of this post: get yourself a massage & invite me along to get one also. :)