Sunday, May 27, 2012


I think I might start having more crafty Sundays with my sister Amalia because its been really fun going over her house on Sunday afternoons after church (that is of course if its okay with her). 

Today we revamped my old BLAH shoes to BLING BLING with just Mod Podge & glitter. Thank you to the ever addicting Pinterest for the inspiration. 

BEFORE: I bought these shoes at Target about a year ago (clearance of course!) I hardly wear them because the color is a burgendy/purple color with faux crocodile pattern. I didn't know what to wear them with.
We had to scuff them up a bit that way the mod podge & glitter would stick on to it.

AFTER: super black glittery shoes. ah! i love them! remember to put a top coat of sealant.

BEFORE: my lovely converse shoes that i bought at Target on clearance. they weren't a very popular pattern so i was lucky enough to snag a pair :D
AFTER: Magenta glitter. LOVE IT!!! A pair of these would seriously cost $30 bucks at Target. I'm in love with these & they only cost come mod podge & glitter :)