Thursday, January 19, 2012

New Year, New Goals, New Adventures

I feel like 2012 is going to be a great year, i just feel the great vibes coming my way that lots of fantastic & great things are going to happen this year in my life. Working in Massage (Officially as a Licensed Massage Therapist), maybe moving on to a new/old state & perhaps not being a 'single lady' anymore?

2011 was filled with happiness, sadness, frustration, confusion, finishing school, exams, stress, 2 jobs! (gah!) not enough sleep, sore muscles, returned missionaries, nephews 1st birthday, turning 26, trying to become a responsible adult, paying (outrageous) bills, heartbreak, excitement, being poor, being rich, learning how to balance my money, snow days, sunny days, cold days, hot days, just to name a few.

As this being a new year I have decided that I need something new, a new/old place to return to. I have decided to return back home to California for a bit. I need my foundation of family & friends because I feel like my own foundation is crumbling & has been for while. I love my Savior Jesus Christ, he IS my #1 Rock & foundation. But my spirituality, as in attending church, reading my scriptures, attending the temple have been.....well non-existent. When I went home for Christmas, it was easier for me to attend church. I know that it is because I have my friends there & its home.

I also figured out that I was only home for 3 months from my mission before I moved up to Salt Lake & I terribly missed my parents & being home. I know that when I move back home I will only want to live with my dad or mom for about 1-2 months before I'll want to find my own place. Hello?! I'm 26 y/o. I'm excited to go home. A bit sad to leave Salt Lake, but its time for me to move on & follow my heart to learn & grow on my own back home.

My parents support my decision, my sister has finally accepted my decision of moving out. I'll be going back home the weekend of General Conference, probably heading home April 1. But until then I have A LOT of work, bills to be paid, getting my California licensing for Massage Therapy, packing, cleaning, planning, etc. But I'm ready to leave, I'm ready to be happy again.