Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Feeling A Bit Overwhelmed

Alright, so right now in my life I have LOTS of things to do still, which considering that I'm a patient person for the most part is really testing that patience. I think I get a little 'antsy' when I want to be over & done with certain things in my life & just want the next part to be here now. I can think of a lot examples in my life that I have felt like this. I just gotta stick it out for a bit longer :\

In no particular order:

#1 Packing up the WHOLE apartment & also getting rid of stuff
I started doing this last week & my sister asked me why I was doing it so early, well i don't want my/our last week in our apartment to be mayhem. I've been s-l-o-w-l-y been going through the stuff in the living room. Most of the things in the living room are Christina's things. Plus, we need to get more boxes to put her stuff in, I thought I got enough today but NOPE! I was wrong & I'll probably need 10 more or so. I just want to clean & get out of here!

This in my attempt at trying to be organized amid the mayhem of all the stuff that we have.

I hope the "TRASH" & "DONATE" boxes get filled & the "KEEP" not so much. I'm going to go through my room tomorrow again & really be strict on myself what I truly want to keep because its a want or a need. Also I'll ask myself "HAVE I USED IT IN THE LAST 6 MONTHS? WILL I USE IT IN THE NEXT 6 MONTHS? WILL IT HELP OR HINDER MY LIFE BY KEEPING THE ITEM?" yes, I have put a lot of thought at this moving process because I don't want to have a lot of stuff that I won't be using. Plus, I have seen the show "HOARDING: BURIED ALIVE," I don't want stuff to rule my life.

Cute moment of the day, moments after I set up the boxes Guido jumps right into the "KEEP" box. I sent the photo my mom & she says "OH HOW CUTE! He knows he doesn't want to be thrown away or donated" haha. Cats are smart, they just know how to play their owners like fools. haha. 

#2 Planning my sister Christina's wedding
AAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!! (enuf said!)

#3 Planning my move home (28 more days & 9 more work days!)
Ready for a change, even if its going back home. But at least I can figure out if being home is where I need to be or if its going somewhere else. I am going to drive myself home, 12 hours baby! My dad was originally going to drive home with me but I decided that I'm old enough to drive by myself. Plus its not like I've haven't driven home before. Christina & I have done it 4 times already! My plan is to leave in the morning, most likely April 25th around 10-11am & drive 6 hours to Las Vegas where I will be staying with my sisters sister-in-law for the night. Then the next morning again around 10-11am drive home. I knew immediately that I didn't want to drive at night because I don't trust night drivers & I don't have the best eyesight at night. Also I didn't want to try & drive 12 hrs straight, even though I have driven 11+ hours last Christmas when my sister was too tired to drive.

#4 Making sure all my things will fit in my car (<-totally freaking about this!)
Hence why I want to drive myself home because I'm not sure if all my stuff will fit in my car. Well I do know that my things will fit, but I'm not sure if the other things that my sister wants me take home will fit. Plus having an extra person in my car will add extra weight & I will lose space. Sorry dad. I know that I shouldn't freak out too much because Christina & Jason will be driving down for their wedding & can take some things home with them that won't fit in my car but I want to be able to take all my things which is basically my clothes, books, movies, & my massage things.

#5 Finding a job when I get home & also applying for my CA massage license
I know that I will probably 'get a break' from not having a job for a while which will be good for me but will also drive me crazy because I'm use to being busy. My plan is to get a temp job at a temp agency while I wait for my CA massage license to arrive. I'm not sure if I want to go back to Massage Envy, it all depends on the hours & pay that I receive. I do want to work somewhere its preferably Mon-Fri because for the past 5 months I've worked Fridays - Mondays which means I HAVE NO WEEKENDS!!  So when people get excited because its Friday.....not so true for me because its going back to work for me. Which don't get me wrong, I do love what I do. But when you have sucky schedule & hours its not as exciting.

#6 Moving my sister into her new apartment
This one will happen soon which is great because then we can start moving things from this apartment to her new one. Which means this apartment gets cleared out & we can start cleaning out the apartment!! I'm ready for some deep cleaning!! I have my gloves & knee pads ready to scrub this place clean even though we are moving out. Christina & Jason are hoping to get accepted townhouse that they applied for last week in the Cottonwood area. 


Also hoping that when I move home things will work out for me: personally, spiritually, romantically. But I know that only I can make great things happen in my life if I chose to make it happen.

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