Thursday, March 8, 2012

Sewing Project: Makeup Brush Carrier

I received this idea from a video I saw on youtube from the threadbanger channel. I knew as soon as I saw this video that I could totally make a makeup brush carrier, i didn't have the right measurement but I had extra material from an old project that I did, which were old skirts that were too big for me but the material were sturdy or pretty.

Its funny because I get the most creative at night but in the morning I realize what I have done wrong & spend the whole day trying to fix my mistake. haha. Today was no different, luckily I didn't sew too much last night & I have a handy-dandy good seam ripper. I love it because I recently bought a set of makeup brushes & my little pouch couldn't close anymore. I think this is great because the brushes are visible & organized...which i love!

Here is my final project.
 this is the 'front side' the black & white flower material are from an old skirt I had that didn't fit anymore but I didn't want to donate it because I loved the pattern & knew I could do something else with it. The black material is also from an old skirt that was too big for me.
 All my brushes in their little pockets, it was a bit tricky to have two rows, but I just followed the top rows pockets when I sewed the bottom pockets.

The big brushes on the top row I used 1 inch & a half, the big kabuki was 2 inches. All the others were about 1 inch, make sure to measure your brushes just in case & round up that way its a bit bigger for your brush to fit.
 This is my brush carrier rolled up, the lace is actually from my grandma Hilaria's collection of things that I have.

At the end I also added little hooks that way I can hook it to my makeup bag & make it a bit easier when I'm applying my makeup. Our bathroom doesn't have huge counter space, so this really helps me.

Yay for recycling & re-purposing!

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