Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Gregory's New Tattoo's & Other Stuff

Since I have no children & most of my family & friends are in CA, my current interests are my sisters cat Guido, my car Gregory, crocheting, massage, boys & other random stuff. Hence why most of my posts are about my car or massage, I have yet to post any photos of my crochet creations but they will come soon. I'm no pro, but I can make scarves, beanies & small blankets. I have yet to make an afghan, those seem way too intense for me.

Anyways, I finally had some left over money (hooray for taxes & savings) that I finally bought some stuff that I had been looking at on, an evil evil little website. haha. I didn't go too crazy, just bought my sister her birthday gift, a massage tool for getting out really bad knots. I used that last night. OY! i'm still sore from my massage & other random stuff that I really liked. If you know me I really loved my mission, not at first. It took me about a year to finally love it; the city, the work & my companions. Anyways, i found these really cool phoenix decals & now they're spiffed up on my car. One on each side of the little window on the back doors. so pretty!

I'm also what I consider to be a safe driver, I follow the speed limit, break, use my turn signals, etc. It took me a LONG time to learn how to drive because I didn't have the confidence to drive. I didn't receive my license until I was 22, I only got it because I knew that I needed to get it before I left on my mission & depending if I was sent somewhere stateside where missionaries had cars. I received my mission call & I was called to Bolivia-NO CARS! whew! But then Heavenly Father thought that it would be a fun growing experience for me if my mission was closed down & was reassigned. I was reassigned to Phoenix & my drivers licensed had to FedEx'd overnight because I was now the primary driver. My mission trainer was from Australia & didn't have an American drivers license. I learned primarily from a member of my first ward I served in. She drove taxi's for a living, so she knew how to drive & did a great job teaching me....again. Music is what mainly calms my nerves when I drive (which is what she taught me). But back to the decal, here in Utah, people have a tendency to get super SUPER DUPER close to cars & it really annoys me. I've only really noticed it here that it happens a lot more, when I drove in Phoenix, it wasn't that bad & I wasn't driving enough in CA to notice it. So I'm hoping with my little decal that people get the hint to BACK OFF my butt or there will be a break check & an insurance claim on their butts.

Lastly, since my car was 'hand-me-down' car, I don't know what happened to the door handle when my dad fixed the car for me but it was completely torn off the door. I didn't have a door handle for a long time, I used the plastic little space in the door to shut my door. I recently bought some super strength super glue (E-700 available @ Michael's & Big Lots). I originally glued it about 2 weeks ago but since i didn't have a weight against the door & the door handle, it didn't really adhere. Well half of it did, so today I decided to try it again, since it was such a pretty day outside (no snow for a change), so super glue & bungee cords are doing the job, hopefully better than the first time I tried it. The glue does smell like super industrial strength glue, which sorta smells like a boy. haha. So i don't mind it too much, especially with the mix of my ocean breeze air freshener.

I also bought these 2 things which I'm waiting to get in the mail next week. I'm EXCITED! its like christmas for me when I get my stuff in the mail :D

This is a car audio cable that I can plug into the back of my car cd player & i can play my ipod :D :D I looked up car stereo brand & this should fit, if not I will be really sad, but I only paid $1.37. Its better than $50+ for a car CD player with aux input. I'm keeping my car for as long as it survives in my care.

This is a double cigarette lighter adapter, which I totally need in my car for my GPS & to charge my phone or ipod. Super cheap on, I think I got it for under $2.

So now my next goal is not getting on anymore, for a while at least. I have to save my money for my move home & for all the other expenses & bills that I have.

I ♥ My Gregory. OH! I even made a video about him on haha!! I sound like a dork, but I had fun.

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